About Faces of Change

Faces of Change envisions a world where everyone is a peacebuilder and impactleader.

An inclusive world where everyone is valued and participates in society to work towards the creation of an Economy of Peace.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to make a contribution towards a compassionate world, which is inclusive, embraces diversity and ignites entrepreneurship as a means to empower marginalized people as valuable members of society instead of victims and people to feel sorry about.


Our mission is to challenge present thinking about individuals who come here seeking asylum, who fall between the cracks of society and become marginalized and disenfranchised and their role in society. We purposefully want to support them in redefining their personal and professional identities and becoming active and valued participants in their community.

Our Team

Saskia purple

Chairman and Founder Faces of Change

Founder Dr Saskia Harkema grew up in South America (Brazil, Argentina and Colombia) where she spent her childhood and young adolescence, and this has had a great influence on her personal development and choices in life. She has a background in sociology, business administration and holds a PhD in Social Sciences. She has experience in both the private and non-profit sector and the last 20 years was actively involved in academia, teaching, mentoring, coaching and developing programs. Her interest in human rights stems from her background and personal history, which confronted her with the effects of poverty, inequality and violence.


Financial Officer Faces of Change

Pim de Bokx is a serial entrepreneur who has supported a countless number of start-ups. He is also founder of Pioneerz. He has experience as an advisor, program developer, trainer and interim manager in a variety of projects and organizations. His focus is always on innovative initiatives which have an impact on de development of entrepreneurship at regional and national level. He has worked with NGO’s and private companies from across the globe.


Secretary Faces of Change

Noorzia Afridi is an acclaimed Human Rights Defender from Pakistan with hands-on experience on working towards empowerment and inclusion. She set up her own NGO in the rural area where she comes from and has helped thousands of women in becoming more active in their communities, which is in hands of the Taliban. In a country where it is not commonplace to study for a woman, she did a Masters in Business Administration. She is CEO and Founder of SAWERA Society for Appraisal & Women Empowerment to mainstream the women in the tribal region of Fatah to raise their voices.